Responsible Luxury

Responsible luxury

We are pleased and proud that our yarns have now received the GOTS certificate in addition to the animal welfare seal. GOTS stands for Global Organ...

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Nepal Mood

Nepal mood

"At friendly hunting we see the world full of color and with all its facets." Immerse yourself in a NEPAL that inspires and excites us again and ag...

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New Store Frankfurt

New store Frankfurt

We are happiest when we can invite our customers into our world and we spend a good time together. That's why we have opened another Signature Stor...

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Traceable Cashmere

Traceable cashmere

Cashmere embodies beauty, luxury and deepest well-being. Cashmere wool is obtained from the dense undercoat of the cashmere goat. Cashmere goats li...

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100 % Handmade in Nepal

100 % handmade in Nepal

The thing is, what is handmade has its own power and charm. Who can resist homemade jam or say no to a homemade cake? There is energy, knowledge an...

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