For people with positive attitude

With our poetic vision for people with positive attitude, we consistently combine our actions with a sustainable attitude and social commitment.
We believe in a beautiful existence for all.

Luxurious fashion made of cashmere and silk, 100% handmade in our manufactories

Discover key pieces that delight customers worldwide in our online store. At we constantly inspire you with new arrivals from the categories cashmere, silk and cotton, handmade in our factories in Nepal.

The precious natural fibres meet all the needs of the skin, they are cuddly and soft and offer a wonderful wearing sensation. The cashmere goats are combed out naturally in Mongolia by traditional nomads and sustainably working farmers; the high-quality undercoat finally results in the fine knitwear. The yarns used are certified with the GOTS seal, the Global Organic Textile Standard is a globally applied standard for the processing of textiles made from organically produced natural fibres and therefore an important textile seal along the entire textile production chain.

Choose from our range of clothing such as sweaters, dresses and pants or accessories such as scarves, shawls, hats and enjoy the benefits of online shopping such as fast delivery, excellent customer service and personalized coupons.

As a family business, we have established a children's home and take responsibility in the local area. Follow us on Instagram to learn about our vision and how we work.