Pillow Okapi 50x50


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Material: 60% wool wool40% cashmere
Dimensions: 50x50 cm (length x width)
incl. cushion filling

The cushion cover is hand-woven in the manufactory in Nepal and then felted. The dense structure softens the sensitivity of this fragile material, which is printed with a hand screen

OKAPI is a safari for the senses. When you wear it, you can feel the heat of the African savannah on your skin and hear the rustling of the leaves in the wind. Close your eyes and embark on an adventurous journey deep into the African wilderness. Accept the invitation to discover the treasures of African nature and transfer the elegance of this fascinating continent into an everyday life full of style and harmony.

100% hand made

All of our products pass through knowledgeable, loving and experienced hands from the extraction of the cashmere wool to its completion. We find this respectful approach to craftsmanship deeply satisfying. We can see how the personal and human manufacturing process is reflected in the garment. As daily companions, our scarves and collection pieces radiate protection, warmth, lightness and beauty to their wearers.

Trustful, fair cooperation

We have been producing our cashmere collection in Kathmandu since the beginning. In trustful cooperation and under excellent, modern conditions our collections are created in this country, whose diversity, resilience and beauty inspire us.

We are happy to be able to contribute to the preservation and further development of traditional handicraft techniques and to offer women in particular a protected, secure workplace, thus helping them to achieve a self-determined place in society.

Although cashmere wool is one of the most valuable natural fibers, it is surprisingly easy to care for... For washing, the rule is: as little as possible, as often as necessary. Since wool has self-cleaning properties, the easiest way to care for your cashmere item is by hanging or laying it out in clear, fresh air overnight.

Should you ever need to wash your cashmere favorite, we recommend hand washing followed by tumble drying or the Sensitive Wool Wash cycle at a cool temperature. Most modern dryers also offer an option for cool gentle drying.

Since cashmere fiber, like human hair, is built on amino acids, we recommend using only gentle special detergents.

Eco/human/animal friendly

As a family business, friendly hunting has the opportunity to design and adapt all processes ourselves. Since we follow the idea of mindfulness, we work exclusively with suppliers who are committed to treating people, animals and natural resources with equal mindfulness.

Sustainable action is most likely to result from raw materials that grow back. Since we value cashmere as an absolute luxury product, we only use the undercoat of the cashmere goat, which is carefully combed out during the natural coat change cycles in spring and autumn. This creates a product in harmony with the natural conditions.

In our manufactories pigments that have dissolved in the process of dyeing and printing are collected by a filtration system, the filtered water can thus be returned to the cycle again and again in a resource-saving way.

In the logistics of our high-quality product, we cannot yet completely dispense with plastic. In the packaging and in the stores, we consistently rely on paper and cardboard or canvas bags. We produce our lookbooks with natural paper.

We believe in a beautiful existence for all

Due to the trustful cooperation with the manufacturers from the beginning and countless trips to the production sites, Nepal has become our second home. In order to contribute to the positive development of society, especially for the youth, we founded the association Namasté e.V. in 2008 and run our orphanage "Amazing Namasté" in Kathmandu on a voluntary basis. All children we take in receive a promise from us that we will take care of them until they are able to do so on their own. Therefore, our orphans are in our safe care - at least until they are adults. Until then, with education, security and love, we create the best conditions for a life with a future.

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