Plate Coup flach 20 cm – Garden Eden

Material: porcelain
Width:  20 cm
Decor: Garden Eden with gold rim

Shell inside available in 3 color variants


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    friendly hunting has stood for high-quality manufacture with the finest cashmere clothing since 2005 unique design. Manufactory means 100% handmade. In the Friendly Hunting collection you can find the Manufacture of accessories, shawls and scarves made of the purest cashmere. There are illustrations and prints hand-placed on soft cashmere shawls and scarves, each with a little message provided, true to the motto of the brand … for people with positive attitude .. The fan base for these limited products is growing steadily. Connected to the lifestyle of the brand and staged with the well-known illustration Garden Eden is presented on white gold in cobalt blue.

    100% Handmade by Reichenbach. Design by Friendly Hunting. A special series made from the highest quality Porcelain in different shapes. Individual parts from sugar bowls to lidded vases, from Baroque to puristic. Quality & Care The Reichenbach porcelain factory from Thuringia has been manufacturing under the well-known trademark since 1900 a very fine and transparent porcelain. 100% Made in Germany – under the motto “Old Craftsmanship meets modern design ”. High-quality raw materials meet modern manufacturing and Firing techniques.

    The dishwasher-safe porcelain should be cleaned in the dishwasher, so make sure to sort it carefully and with sufficient distance to other porcelain. This allows the water to circulate unhindered and the porcelain does not hit each other during the cleaning process. A glossy surface can be obtained and guaranteed by using mild cleaning agents. It is also important to take care of the dishwasher you are using. The dishwashing salt must be changed regularly, because renewing the dishwashing salt prevents unsightly lime stains on the porcelain. After a completed wash cycle, open the dishwasher immediately to allow the water vapor still present in the machine to escape and to prevent it from settling on the freshly cleaned porcelain parts.

    Customer service We are happy to help if you have any questions and are there for you from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can reach us by phone at +49 (8038) 90 99 248 or by email at

    friendly hunting – for people with positive attitude
    With our poetic vision for people with positive attitude, we consistently combine our actions with a sustainable attitude and social commitment. All of our products range from the extraction of cashmere wool to the completion by knowing hands. We find this respectful handling of craftsmanship to be deeply satisfactory. We can see how the personal and human manufacturing process is reflected in the garment and how our garments radiate protection, warmth and beauty onto their wearers as daily companions.

    Giving back, Namasté e.V.
    ‚Amazing Namasté‘ – our children’s home in Kathmandu … We promise all the children we take in that we will take care of them until they can do it alone. That is why our orphans are in our safe custody at least until they grow up. Until then, we will create the best conditions for a future life with education, security and love.

    Namasté e.V. works with volunteers to keep the administrative burden as minimal as possible. This means that your donations go directly to the children. We appreciate your interest!