Cashmere XL-Scarf Square Ndélé

100% Cashmere
Length: 200 cm I Width: 125 cm
Collektion: Biodiversity
Colour: 04



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  • Description


    A colourful geometry – in XL made of 100% cashmere!

    The Format
    The friendly hunting cashmere XL scarf square has a rectangular in diamond structure, which is woven in our factory in Nepal from 100% cashmere. Afterwards the print is screened onto the 125 x 200 cm scarf using tradition methods that have been passed down through the generations.

    Print Description
    The colours of Africa! Skilfully applied to the facades of the houses by the hands of the traditional tribes women. The geometric illustrations in the expressive earth colours reveal symbolism and wishes – the Heritage print Ndélé fulfils every desire for exquisite colouring and a powerful appearance when worn.

    Style advice from friendly hunting
    With its diamond structure and vintage flair, this XL cashmere scarf will make everyone with a sunny disposition shine with its warm and bright colours. For a harmonious and effective outfit, we recommend you accentuate the blue shade of the scarf with light blue jeans or the scarf’s earthy tones with a brown leather belt.

    Handmade, fair trade and all completed in our modern factory
    In our factory we have an ideal situation, where each product is individually created with the utmost care. Therefore, each piece is handmade and unique unto itself. ‘Christian Goldmann

    Washing, steaming, drying, knitting, weaving, dyeing, printing, embroidering, sewing, … every single process that goes into creating your individual piece is done especially for you by hand in our factory. Our operations are built according to western standards, which means that we make sure our beloved employees who create the collections, work under fair conditions and that the sustainability of everything we produce is at the forefront of our entire production chain. We offer our employees bright, friendly and clean working conditions as well as social security; in return, they provide us with their unique expertise and traditional skills.

    Material: quality & care
    As one of the most luxurious clothing fabrics, silk has the special property of being both light and delicate as well as warming thanks to its unique fabric. We only use the highest quality, pure silk, whose natural fibers are obtained by a special process, which focuses on the sustainably of said methods. Pure silk should only be cleaned in lukewarm water by hand with a special silk detergent or chemically, if needed. After air drying, only at a low temperature, iron on the backside of the garment, but be sure to protect the silk by laying a fine cloth between the iron and the garment.

    Positive Attitude u. Namasté e.V.
    Friendly hunting – for people with positive attitude.
    Garments and articles that are constructed in a setting where an extreme attention to detail is taken have a positive impact on their users.
    We hope you enjoy wearing our collection as much as we enjoy designing and manufacturing it. Christian and Michaela Goldmann

    Namasté eV – our orphanage in Kathmandu – is a non-profit association based in Chiemgau, Germany. Founded in 2008, the orphanage’s goal is to create a stable home for less-fortunate children within the confines of the “Orphanage Amazing Namasté Nepal”, where the children receive an excellent education, balanced meals and loving care.


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