THE FRANKFURTER met our CEO Christian Goldmann for an interview to take a look behind the scenes and find out why friendly hunting and Frankfurt are simply a good match.

Mr. Goldmann, after Munich and Düsseldorf, you opened a store in the vibrant city of Frankfurt three years ago. What made the Main metropolis attractive for you and your luxury brand?

Well, Frankfurt has become a central European metropolis and a hub, not least because of Frankfurt Airport. The street scene for visitors is often international. Frankfurt stands for open-mindedness, Frankfurt shows that modernity and tradition can go hand in hand. The best thing is definitely the people of this city, as we experience every day in our Frankfurt store. Very warm, welcoming...with a positive attitude.

If you had to put together a look for Frankfurt, what would it look like? What features stand out for you in particular?

The Frankfurt customer loves colorful accents. During the day, monochrome business outfits "quite luxury", accentuated with one of our midi scarfs or for men with a kite scarf tied with a gentleman's knot to create a perfect color spot. An outfit that communicates a wink with nonchalance. Dresses are also our specialty. These are equally ambivalent "on the day time" styled with long cardigans and sneakers and "at night" sensual, feminine.

The looks in our current cover series with Kim Hnizdo, produced in Mainhatten, come from your creative house. Strong looks for self-confident women, in keeping with our theme of "Female Empowerment". What did you pay particular attention to when selecting the looks?

Each piece in our collection is a masterpiece of the finest materials, handmade with hand-placed screen prints. You become even more aware of the phenomenon when you wear them. They are "the tentacles of love", as we say. Nothing is more organic than a piece of clothing made by knowing hands, fairly and sustainably. Female empowerment also in our manufactory, where we have always passed on women's rights and the knowledge of craftsmanship. In the end, our products are companions - like a friend with whom you share your experiences. This is mindfulness in the spirit of our time.

"Female empowerment" is just one of many important topics. Her vision is "for people with positive attitude". There are certainly important values behind this that friendly hunting stands for. What are they?

Sustainability always starts with yourself. If you love yourself and see life as a gift, you respect yourself and can also love and respect others. Interdependent creation means that we are all connected to each other beneath the surface. A small contribution is that all our employees here and in Nepal receive fair conditions. Our actions are characterized by the resilience of a family business that thinks long-term in terms of generations and sees and knows every employee.

In addition to fashion, the friendly hunting "Maison" range also includes home accessories such as cashmere cushions, blankets and hand-woven carpets made of silk or wool. All these high-quality products are made from the finest materials in a family business in Nepal. How did this decision come about?

I first came to Nepal in 2003 through a photographer friend and immediately fell in love with this country, whose greatest treasure is certainly its people. Nepal is and will remain a second home for me and our family business.

Another focus of the Maison is porcelain, which is elaborately produced together with the Reichenbach porcelain manufactory. Can you tell us a little more about this?

My wife and I have always had a fondness for porcelain and loved the unconventional way it is mixed into everyday life in England: with different shapes, decorations and colors. Very eclectic - collectible cups and plates sometimes become real pieces on the wall. Our current porcelain edition Eyes of Marrakech is a tribute to the desert city and its beautiful patterns, light and shadow as well as its shimmering warm gold tones. In our collaboration with Reichenbach, we remain true to our claim of being a manufactory. Reichenbach porcelain stands for a product that is manufactured with the highest level of expertise and all the possibilities surrounding white gold.

You also founded the association Amazing Namasté e.V. in 2008 and run the orphanage "Amazing Namasté" in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. What is particularly important to you in this role?

The guiding principle is to give those without opportunities a chance. We think it is good to give children a loving home and the opportunity to get a good education. It is the foundation for a better life. Commitment and compassion make people happy. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing how young children become good, self-confident people with this opportunity and commitment. They are the ones who can make our world a better place.

What goals have you set yourself for 2024? As we have already learned, the "Men`s dept." will be launched in the new year. will be launched in the new year. What special features can we look forward to?

That's right, among other things, another goal is to grow internationally. The collection will be presented to the trade public in Paris this spring.