Traceable cashmere

Cashmere embodies beauty, luxury and deepest well-being.

Cashmere wool is obtained from the dense undercoat of the cashmere goat. Cashmere goats live especially in Mongolia, India, Nepal China and Iran in the cold climates. There they develop their fine undercoat, which warms and protects them. In spring, during the time of the coat change, the fine hair is carefully combed out by hand and brought to the spinning mills. Only about 150 grams of raw material can be obtained per goat; the quantities allow one to understand why this sustainable method of wool production makes cashmere one of the most valuable yarns in the world.

Our supplier is committed to the idea of traceable cashmere . This means that the animals are herded by selected nomads who see it not only as a job, but as a life task in harmony with nature and animals. The raw material wool is coded and can be traced along the entire value chain.